Upskilling Maths: How Do I Calculate Percentages?

This is a small text section that you can copy/paste or print-out to help your students in working out percentages.

To find what percent of number Y is of number X, you should divide number Y by number X.

Then multiply your result by 100 (x 100) and this will give you the percentage.

Your formula should look like   x/y * 100

/ is used on the keyboard instead of divide

* is used on the keyboard instead of multiply

e.g. To find out what percent 23 is of 50

23 / 50 * 100 = 46

To find what number X is as a total of a known percentage, you should divide (/) the known percentage by 100 and multiply (*) your result by number X.

 Your formula should look like y%/100 * x

e.g. To find out what 66 % is of 75

66 / 100 * 75 = 49.5



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