Quiz/Quiz/Trade – The Ticket Game

Useful for learning basic facts at the start of a new topic or for revising key words/terms. Works best with larger groups (at least 18 or more). Template and example questions attached


1. Create 6 questions and answers and create enough sets to cover number of learners in the group

2. Form class into large circle, and then face the person next to you so you are in a pair. If you have an odd number, you can have a 2 and a 1 or you can join in!

3. Label the pair ‘A and B’. A asks B the question on their ticket, B has a go at answering. A gives the answer. Then swop and B asks the question.

4. Once both have asked and answered, they swop tickets and ONE of the pair moves forward to the next person in the circle.

5. You then continue asking, swopping and moving until you get back to where you started. You can either stop there or go back round the other way.

6. If you are not involved, move around the room to check that people are learning the answers, and generally chivvy people along.

7. To follow up learning, when students sit down, get them to write the answers down, test them at the end of the lesson and again in the following week

Elinor Wren

FE and HE lecturer since 2002. Currently working in sports department. Areas of responsibility are CTL for HND Sport and Exercise Science, lead IV for department, and cross college PP