Mathematics Sources and Resources

Compiled by Joan O’Hagan.

This list includes many maths sources and resources which I have found useful.

It includes a small number of YouTube videos, which may carry some advertising.

A few sites require you to register before you can access the full site. Almost all the resources are free.

Title What’s it about? Location
ALM Adults Learning Mathematics is an international forum for researchers and practitioners. Founded in Birmingham, UK in 1992. Annual conference, with alternate conferences inside / outside Europe. Friendly and stimulating group. 
ATM Association of Teachers of Mathematics: membership organisation with about 4000 teachers, mainly primary and secondary. Treasure trove of learning resources. Some free, some available only to members.
BBC Sites  Learner materials, including mathematics videos, e.g. why subtraction or fractions are useful; quiz-type skills checks and games.Skillswise is useful for revision of Level 1 work.

Bitesize is GCSE material.     and


Countdown Online versions of the TV game
ILIM Mostly Algebra The ILIM “Standards Unit box”.Contents are available online. Mostly GCSE.

Rich source of materials you can use directly with learners, and materials that focus on supporting your professional development.
ILIM Mostly Number 
ILIM Mostly Other 
ILIM Mostly Shape and Space 
ILIM Mostly Statistics 
Improving Learning In Mathematics (ILIM) “The Standards Unit box”. Contents are available online. Mostly GCSE. 
Inquiry Prompts Activities to prompt exploration of particular concepts. Includes prompts for number, algebra, geometry 
LSIS Embedding Functional Skills   Scroll down for a series of videos about vocational and functional skills (including mathematics) teachers working together
LSIS Functional Skills resources 



Learning materials and cpd materials searchable by subject (including mathematics), vocational area, level. Also has a checklist to help you evaluate the resource. Most learner materials come with suggestions for use.
Math class needs a makeover A challenging, 12 minute video suggesting that we teachers are sometimes our own worst enemies. TED talk by Dan Meyer.
Maths visualisations A delightful animated exploration of number patterns. 
Maths2art Created by a teacher to approach mathematics through art. Includes teaching ideas and resources 
MEI offers maths teachers a range of cpd opportunities and resources. Includes for example materials to support teachers to develop their personal maths skills to GCSE level. 
Mr Barton Mathematics tricks, jokes and some serious stuff: aimed at teachers, parents, students (mostly secondary) 
National STEM Centre  Vast treasure trove for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths teachers. 
NCETM Essentials The NCETM website is huge. The “Essentials” page groups ideas under headings like “Functional maths” or “GCSE resits”. 
NCETM self-assessment tool Online tools to help you check your understanding of the mathematics you are teaching and explore ideas on how to develop your practice. 
NCETM Workplace Mathematics Videos and resources related to the maths used in various jobs:Architect

Bar Tender


Fashion Designer


nrich Rich mathematical tasks for learners at all levels. Categorized by school stages but fairly easy to “read across’ to adults’ needs. Brilliantly challenging. Lots of “low threshold, high ceiling” tasks. 
Numberphile New website with youtube videos “about number and stuff”. Recommended by Plus Magazine which is part of the Millennium Maths Project. 
Plus Magazine. Part of the Millennium Mathematics project Articles and resources about relating mathematics to art / medicine / cosmology / sport. 
Starters of The Day a new start for every day? 
Street Maths and School Maths a book discussing differences between the maths people (can) do in formal classrooms and in real life. Includes discussion with experienced and inexperienced carpenters about how they use mathematics to help with real-life tasks. Nunes, T., Schliemann, A., Carraher, D. , 1993, Cambridge University Press
Teaching and Learning Functional Maths Thought-provoking contextualized and “pure” maths materials, together with guidance on writing your own.
TES Resources developed by teachers, mostly school-based. Free. 
The ultimate puzzles site Mathematical puzzles site. 
Thinking Through Maths online  Most of the contents of the “TTM yellow ring binder” aimed at mathematics teachers are now online. Learner materials with discussion of how to use them, cpd materials. You’ll need to log on / register. Focussed on learners working at Entry level / Level 1. 
Transum free resources. Starters, Investigations, selected you-tube maths videos. Designed for schools but useful in any sector 
Twenty-four problem A game to support mental manipulation of numbers. Harder than it looks (or maybe my number skills need a bit of work?) 
What’s The Point Of Maths? Real life uses of maths, much of it around GCSE level, but even if you are working at students pre-GCSE you may find this interesting. 
What’s the point of…?  Teaching resource produced by “More Maths Grads”, a project which aimed to increase the number of people studying maths (particularly in HE). 

“What’s the point of….?” Has some  material very useful around GCSE level. 
WisWeb Applets on a wide range of topics at a wide range of levels 



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