Peer Practitioners

Who is my department’s peer practitioner?

Click here to view a map of peer practitioners to find out who you can talk to for help and guidance.

What is a peer practitioner and how can they help me?

Peer practitioners are a group of experienced teachers. Each peer practitioner is assigned to a specific department in the college to provide the department with specific support and help in order to help the teachers in that department deliver outstanding teaching, whilst ensuring their continued personal and career development.

Personal and Career Development

How can I improve my skillset via CPD programmes?

If there’s a training that you feel you would benefit from, you should approach your line manager to discuss the details of the course/training. Your line manager can assess whether or not this is feasible in lieu with our Human Resources department.


It’s important for all our staff members to have an active CPD record to ensure continued development, both personal and professional.

Where can I get help/guidance on teaching?

To get help or if you need guidance on a teaching related matter, create a new topic in the “Questions and Answers” forum.

Alternatively, you can contact your department’s peer practitioners directly.

The Basics

What are Moodle and SharePoint?

Moodle is SGS College’s VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) – It’s essentially the online learning tool. It’s very useful for revision, distance learners, part time learners and student who are not always able to come to the college due to time, health or geographical constraints.


SharePoint is the staff network at SGS College. This is where you can share, discuss and develop projects with other staff members in the college, particularly within your team or department. It acts as a directory for all our resources and it contains the contact details of all colleagues, both teachers and corporate staff. This is incredibly useful because we’re a very large multi-campus college.

This Website

What are “Articles”?

Articles are things written by the Peer Practitioners team. It also contains shared resources that they feel would be useful to you and other teachers.

The articles are sorted by date, and the name of the peer practitioner that wrote/published the article is normally at the bottom of that page.

What is the forum for and who can use it?

The forum is for discussing anything to do with teaching. This is where you can also ask questions and get quick answers from other members.

Anyone can register and log in to use this forum.

How do I use this website?

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