Creating a crossword

Follow the link to a good site for generating crosswords. Blank grids and answer pages can be saved as PDFs. WARNING: Check your spellings BEFORE generating PDFs as once you have done this, you can’t go back and edit your clues or answers

Student-teacher contract

A student/teacher contract is a way of setting out formally the responsibilities and expectations of students and teachers. It is helpful to the teacher because it makes it clear that learning and teaching are shared activities which, to be most effective, need both parties to collaborate. It is useful to students because it is explicit about what is required of them and reassures them that they can expect certain things in return.

Learning styles

It is now commonplace for students to be told that they have a preference for a particular learning style and should make use of this to maximise their learning. However, recent reviews of the evidence (for example, Coffield et al., 2004) have found little evidence for all but a handful of these theories. This lack of evidence includes perhaps the best-known typology of recent years: the visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner.

How good are my written resources

The focus for this checklist is on written resources such as worksheets, reading materials, presentations and documents. It is a checklist for many aspects of good practice on differentiation, learning styles, readability, student motivation and the provision of positive formative feedback.

Getting to know students

All students are different. The best teaching takes account of relevant differences to meet the individual learning needs of students. The aim of this section is to enable teachers to learn more about their students, including their interests, aptitudes, experiences, prior learning, learning preferences, personal circumstances, and levels of motivation.