50 Templates to improve Teaching and Learning

Most recent developments in educational theory and recommendations for best practice are based

on what is often referred to as a constructivist view of learning: the idea that learners construct

meanings by processing information, sorting it and looking for connections.

Many teachers would like to incorporate ideas associated with this approach into their lessons,

ideas such as brain-compatible learning, accelerated learning, and formative assessment, but

where to start? There are lots of good books containing lots of interesting theory, evidence and

ideas (and the bibliography refers to many of these), but how do you begin to apply these


Our intention is to bridge the gap between ideas and application. For example, if you want to see

how your current work matches up to best practice, use the checklists for reflective teachers. If you

want to improve the effectiveness of group work, use the group work resources. And so on.

Each resource is preceded by a brief rationale which refers to the relevant theory or concepts on

which it is based. This is followed by a simple explanation or suggestion of how to use the resource

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